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We believe the difference between a real business and one that is just barely hanging on, is the ability to generate new customers as easily as turning on the faucet in your kitchen to fill a glass of water.

Really.  We do it for our clients every day.

Imagine the peace of mind you would have if you knew that you had a system in place that delivered a consistent flow of new leads, at a stable and reasonable cost, every single day.

Predictable lead flow is what brings stability and continued growth to smart companies, and it's what helps entrepreneurs sleep better at night.

By mastering the major advertising channels, our team and network of partners delivers on this promise every day.

Across both online and offline channels, we bring prospects to your offers that are targeted to look and behave just like your very best customers. Think about that for a moment. What if you were only attracting prospects that behaved like your most profitable customers? 

We have deep expertise in Google Adwords, Google Dispaly Network, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, RevContent, OutBrain, Taboola, and many other online traffic soruces. In addition, we also can coordinate and deliver very cost effective direct mail and radio campaigns as well for select clients. 

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How to discover the exact characteristics of your most profitable customers, why this is critical to your business, and how to use this information (page 3)

How to magnetically attract only prospects that look like your most profitable customers and how this can boost your return on ad spend by 75% or more.  (page 5)

A rarely used strategy to acquire new customers for breakeven, or even at a profit...on day one!  (page 6)

How one simple campaign can boost the lifetime value of your customers by 250%...or more! (page 6)

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Chet Womach


Ken and his team have been great to work with, and we are having very good success with our YouTube campaigns. His deep knowledge of both marketing and technology is something I rely on regularly. I've been recommending him to others!


Leslie Jones

Executive Coach

Every minute spent with Ken provides extraordinary value. He knows how to listen deeply and give you exactly what you need. He is an expert in his his recommendations are potent, customized, and extremely effective. I highly recommend Ken.


Ethan Willis


I have trust in Ken both as a quality person and as a phenomenal cutting edge direct marketer. His team delivered our project not only on time, but right on target. He superseded my expectations and was a pleasure to work with.


Mike Filsaime

Serial Entrepreneur

I could not recommend anyone more than Ken Burge to help you. Ken worked for me as an independent consultant and has done wonders for my company. Ken is a master at looking at your business as a complete system, taking it apart, and reassembling it so it can be automated and efficient. I give Ken my highest recommendation.

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